2. hyperborean-hierophant said: Great photos and music samples. Really, one of the best blogs on tumblr

    Thanks so much for saying so. In that case, I’ll keep on ~


  3. werewolvez:

    my morning walk

    I started the day with a journey to the top of the mountain behind my home. I left before dawn, waded across the river and then headed deeper into the dark forest. I passed under the bridge - a train trestle built in 1909 - and kept on toward the spot I call Bigfoot Beach. I stopped there and offered my love and gratitude to the water and the trees and then I continued up the steep winding path through the mist of the fog under the towering redwoods. Alone in the new dawn light, I ascended into an elevated cathedral and the pure intoxicating delight of the air around me compelled me to lose my clothes so as to bathe fully in its magical goodness. I freed myself, offered myself unprotected and unafraid to the source of life and I continued to climb higher.


  4. the river by my house



  6. new demo





  10. Bohemian Grove


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